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A Night in Charlotte: Jack Beagles

The North Davidson area of Charlotte has been appealing to me a lot lately.  It’s a very walkable area, and much more laid back than Uptown or Southend.  During my last bar hop through the area I found a handful of great places that fringed into the “dive bar” territory.  My favorite of these is Jack Beagles.

After meeting up with my friends and fueling up on beer at Growlers for a half hour, we made our way around the city.  Jack Beagles is a block or so farther down North Davidson on the opposite side of the street.  From the front of the building it’s hard to see much, and first glance makes you think it’s your average dive bar.  While JB has a lot of that grungy dive-bar charm, it has a lot more in store for its customers than your average bar.  The front of the bar has a kitchen lining the left side.  It’s a touch noisy and has a bustling clattering character to it that fits what you’d be looking for if you walked in the front door.  It was past dinner for me, but so many people were sitting and eating I’d be up for trying the food if I get there earlier next time.

We made our way to the back, which is my favorite part of the bar.  The back half of the bar is outdoors and has a very large patio area walled in from the neighboring buildings.  Their bar in the back had some very good deals on craft beer, which was even more surprising as it was a Saturday night.  On the very back wall of the property, JB has a large stage set up for live music and performance, making it a great place to meet up with friends and check out the local music scene.  That Saturday we were treated to a more unique performance of a local rap artist performing live.  This was my first local rap performance I’ve ever been to, but for what it’s worth I thought it was fantastic.  He reminded me of some of the classic rap artists from the mid to late 90’s in his styling and composition.  It was a great sound to explore over a great beer.  I also appreciated that it wasn’t overwhelmingly loud.  Maybe it’s because it was outside, but we were all able to still converse and not be shouting ourselves into an aneurism.

Lastly, the crowd was very open and friendly.  At some point in the night, someone busted out a bunch of hula hoops and half the back bar was taking turns trying to use them properly.  To be honest, outside of one girl in a red top, most people failed hilariously.   It all stayed in good fun, and I got to meet a good handful of new people.

I would definitely recommend Jack Beagles as a Noda location to hit up and meet people at.




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