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About Me

So like most people I decided to start a blog a while back, and after registering the site I realized I had no idea what I wanted to use it for.  It sat around gathering internet dust until I recently moved and finished night-school. I finally had some free time on my hands again and wanted to put my efforts back into writing. The night school involved classes in business, particularly marketing and entrepreneurship.  These classes helped me learn a great deal about myself and what I want to try to make this blog into.

I feel like I should explain that a little bit better, because seriously, who gets deeply moved from a  marketing class?  I feel like that’s tantamount to saying you were deeply moved by watching Demolition Man (one of my favorites by the way, don’t hate).  You see, I started my academic life in engineering.  Hell, up until I started these business classes, ALL of my academic life has been engineering.  I love engineering, but one thing I’ve learned through my years in school my career is that I rarely get along with other engineers.  I have a handful of engineering friends that are the exception to the rule, but we’re all in the same boat.  We’re the “engineering extroverts”, and in engineering that means that we’re the weird ones.  We like to play musical instruments, we like to go dancing, we will jump up and sing karaoke, or wear red pants out to the dance club.   Ok, maybe only I did that last one on a bar bet…but still.  This doesn’t mean we’re extroverted by most other standards, I rate 51% extroverted on Meyers-Briggs,  it just means we’re more extroverted than your average engineer.  This means that we don’t fit in with the group that doesn’t normally fit in.  This leads to problems because me and a few of my friends love socializing, but being slightly extroverted doesn’t magically impart social intelligence on you.  On top of that, i grew up an only child, so it took me years to claw my way out of that “holy crap you’re @$*#ing clueless dude” level of social ineptness.  I’d definitely like to think I grew out of the worst of that stage.  It’s funny being a person who wants to break out of his engineering-shell, but being surrounded by engineers who aren’t.  It wasn’t until I got to business school that I felt I was surrounded by people in class that I connected with.

And that brings me to part of what this blog is.  Taking Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  I realized I wanted to start a business, or organization, or something, that helped bring people together.  I wanted to start something to help people get out and meet others, to give them reasons to go mingle and socialize and find other people to connect with, probably because I had so much time doing that as an engineer.  I’m hoping that this blog can be a small part of that (hopefully, just the first part).  I’m brand new to this city, and I’ve been exploring and trying to meet new people.  I’ve decided to write about my experiences and opinions on what I find.  Hopefully I can give other people a leg-up at understanding what this city has to offer.  I’ve tried to be fair in my reviews, because just because I don’t like a venue, you might find it’s the type of people you connect with best.

I hope you enjoy my commentary on this city.  On occasion I may review items that aren’t specifically a Charlotte venue.  I recently reviewed some bourbon whiskey for a “night in”.  I think that even when trying to be social, everybody needs a night off at some point.  And in the long run, aren’t experiences like a good whiskey supposed to be shared with your friends?



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