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Craft Beer: Big Boss Brewing Blanco Diablo Ale


With the High Roller IPA being one of the better beers I have had, I was especially delighted to see another offering from Big Boss Brewing the last time I went to the store.  I picked up a bottle of “Blanco Diablo” an ale that is “brewed with spices”.  At 4.3% ABV, I am not expecting it to knock me on my butt, but it should still have a healthy strength over most mass produced beers.

First impressions are different than most beers.  Even by ale standards, Blanco Diablo is very pale.  It leaves a nice head on the glass as it pours, but it settles quickly and does not leave much residue on the glass.  The smell is also very subtle, I practically had to dip my nose into the beer to get a hint of anything. The best guess I can lay down on what this beer smells like is cucumber.  That’s it, I don’t have anything else to share on just the smell.

I’m not entirely sure I can say something better regarding the flavor of the beer.  My first impression is that it is extremely light flavored.  I am having difficulty placing what the flavor of the beer is beyond it being somewhat beery in essence with a watered-down tart finish.  It honestly reminds me of a craft beer company trying to make some weird hybrid between watered down orange juice and a blonde ale.  This seems to be a beer designed to make the drinkers of bland mass-produced beer comfortable in the craft beer environment.  If you wandered into Big Boss brewing and asked for a <famous mass-produced pilsner>, I feel like this is the beer that the bartender would talk you towards.

Maybe there is a place for this type of beer in the craft beer market, but I don’t really understand it myself.  Craft beer has a great identity for its strong flavors and being unique.  Wanting to design an extremely light flavored beer that emulates the mass-market stuff seems like it does craft beer an injustice.  Maybe it works when the group of friends get together to hit a microbrewery and there’s the one friend who only drinks <insert mass-produced beer royalty here>.  I guess it’s fair to cater to him, you can’t leave him sitting there with an empty glass (or no glass for that matter).  Still, I have trouble picturing your typical craft beer aficionado seeking out this beer on purpose.

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