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Craft Beer: Westbrook Brewing, White Thai

white thai

Unfortunately for some personal reasons I had to take a small break from trying new craft beers.  I had a head cold for a few days, and the medicine I took made everything taste/smell metallic.  I figured that would not be advantageous to providing quality taste-tests.  It finally wore off and I’m glad to be back to sampling another interesting beer I’ve found here in the Carolinas.

I’ve never heard of this brand or type of beer before.  It’s a “White Thai” beer from Westbrook brewing company in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  It boasts flavors inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine.  I’ve never thought of pairing beer with Asian flavorings before, so I’m excited to see what this is like.  For strength it comes in at a standard craft beer 5% ABV, and the brewers suggest drinking it at 45-50F in a tulip or wine glass.  Honestly, I wish I would read this stuff before I go and pour the glass for my picture, but whatever.

Pouring the beer gave me a big frothy head that lingered for a bit and has a good cling to the glass so far.  As the head fizzes away, the scent is truly enticing.  It’s slightly sweet and spicy.  It reminds me of some sort of sweet between a sugar cookie and  a ginger snap.  Behind that there is a cool refreshing scent like lemon zest.

The flavoring of this beer is very cool and mellow.  It doesn’t start off very strong, and almost doesn’t remind me of beer.  It has a light flavor that reminds me of flowers and iced tea.  It seems like it would be very refreshing on a hot day where I’ve already broken a sweat.  However sitting here at home in the comfort of air conditioning it feels like it could carry a little more body.  It’s hard to describe what’s there for the majority of the drink because it just doesn’t feel like there is a lot of presence to talk about.  At the very very…VERY end  you can get a solid hit of hops and ginger before it fades to nothing.

I would recommend this beer as a good starting beer for people new to beer in general.  It is very pleasantly flavored without tasting too “beery” and not resorting to grotesque amounts of fruit flavorings.  For me personally, as a regular craft beer drinker, it seems to lack a little bit of the weight and body I look for when I peruse the micro-brew selection at my regular liquor store.  I’m sure there will be people out there that would love this, but I just don’t think I’m one of them.


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