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Craft Beer: Anderson Valley, Spring Hornin’ IPA

spring hornin

I am slowly coming to terms that if I wish to continue trying out this pick-a-pack isle at my local liquor store, I better get used to sampling a lot of IPAs.  Can I ask for people’s opinion, are IPA’s just really big right now or does my stockperson have an unfair biased towards them?

Anyways, this IPA is looking rather interesting.  This is one of my first beers from California (specifically, Booneville), and the bottle alone has a different character to it than most beers I’ve tried so far.  It’s a 6.8% ABV Spring IPA.  It pours as a rich golden copper color and maintains a healthy froth of head for a good while after having been poured.

The scent coming off the beer as the head settles is very complex.  There are multiple sweet overtones that come out before the smell of malt and hops.  I get smells of honey, and  nutmeg, with just the barest hint of blueberry.  While the scent is dominantly sweet, it isn’t overwhelmingly sweet, and has a very balanced personality.

My first impressions of the taste fall right in line with the scent from pouring this beer.  It has a very complex and balanced flavor.  A perfect blend of the sweet malts and flavorings with the tart dry flavor of hops.  The sweetness still reminds me of honey and blueberries, but this definitely is not a blueberry ale.  Another fruit that comes to mind is a slice of cold fresh peach.  It has a body to it that reminds me of eating a handful of fresh juicy fruit.  It’s sweet and refreshing, but the flavors are not overwhelmingly distant from a good traditional beer.  The hops are definitely present, but they don’t really kick in until the last few drops are sliding down your throat.  At the very last instant they bloom for just a fraction of a second and cleanse the sweetness off of your palate.  It helps remind you that this is definitely an IPA.

This is a very drinkable beer, and at 6.8% ABV I would say be careful when you drink it.  If I had a cooler of this next to me at a camp out I could easily see all of them disappearing before I had planned.  It is that tasty.  I say this for two reasons, I don’t want a high-alcohol content to creep up on anybody, and it is certainly no fun when  you burn through all your beer at a camp-out before you’re ready.

One last comment, this beer is remarkably complex and flavorful, without being too intense.  It is great for both beginners of IPAs and beer in general.  Aficionados of craft beer and IPA’s will also find this to be a remarkably enjoyable beer to try.


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