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Craft beer: Terrapin Recreation Ale

Recreation ale

So I stared at another 22oz bomber for about 10 minutes debating whether I should review it yet.  This one was  Southern Tier Warlock Stout.  That might be waiting another day or two, I can’t drink two bottles of 8.6% ABV beer solo without feeling like my life is lacking in purpose.  I decided to take it down just a notch and sample a canned craft beer I picked up instead.

I’m sitting here looking at a can of Terrapin Recreation Ale.  This beer is brewed in Athens, GA and is 4.7 ABV.  It refers to itself as a “hopped up session ale”.  I’m not sure if this will put it into the hoppa IPA territory or not, but I’m excited to find out.  I really like how the can embraces the idea of outdoor living and activities.  In the lower corner of the label it says “pack out pack in”  meaning it expects you to take this with you on an adventure.  I’ve heard some great things about Terrapin beer and I’ve been looking forward to trying one.  I also love hiking and outdoorsy stuff, so I need to see if this truly passes muster as an outdoor beverage.

This ale definitely has a little bit of a pucker to its scent, reminiscent of a hoppy beer.  It has a citrusy scent like lemon zest, with a slight sweetness left over from the malt.

I will say that the beer tastes remarkably refreshing and it would definitely fit well on a hot summer day, or at the end of a long active day.  The first taste that hits is very cool and refreshing.  It reminds me of apple juice, but without all the sweetness that makes your mouth feel syrupy and dehydrated.  Maybe if someone cut apple juice with some seltzer water?  Or maybe a semi-sweet melon like honeydew would be another good example.  It starts off so smoothly it’s easy to take a good long pull out of the glass and satisfy your thirst.

This beer isn’t all sweet and innocent though.  As your drink finishes, and the majority of the beer gets swallowed down, the hops decide to come out and play.  It a presence of hops on par with some of your best IPA’s.  The hop flavor is so strong it’s almost peppery, but it’s a great experience and contrast compared to the smooth start.  The beer finishes with a long lingering flavor that is subtle and reminds me of drinking unsweet green tea.

As refreshing as this beer is, I’m not sure how much I’d drink in one sitting.  I think I’d likely only drink one or two before wanting to switch off to something else.  This doesn’t speak to the quality of the beer, it is remarkably well made and brewed with tremendous skill.  The flavoring is incredibly well balanced and worth experiencing.    The flavoring is just of an intense variety that makes it difficult for me to drink this continuously.


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