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Craft Beer: Thomas Creek Brewery, Trifecta IPA


Wooo!  Yet another IPA for me to try from my liquor store’s pick-a-pack.

I guess this is my own fault really, I should pay more attention to the beer bottles I’m picking up when I shop.  This IPA does have my interest for the evening, as it is another somewhat local beer, brewed in Greenville South Carolina at the Thomas Creek Brewery.  At 6.9% ABV it’s a pretty stout IPA, and could potentially end your night a little early if you drink too many of them too quickly.

The beer pours out as a warm light amber color.  It has a small head that fizzed down reasonably quickly, releasing an amazing scent that was a cross between vanilla wafers and a sweet croissant.  There is also a warm overtone of nutmeg to this beer that has warmed me up to wanting to try yet another IPA.

My first taste of this beer was absolutely incredible.  It went down with a silky smoothness that I would never have expected from an IPA.  It starts off sweet, with a blend of gingerbread and molasses.  I would say it reminds me of a heavier  dark brown ale or a stout, but it lacks the weight/fill of some of those darker beers.  I wouldn’t go so far to say it’s light and refreshing, but it is pleasantly rich and full-bodied.

As you swallow the beer down the hops really take over and allow the beer to end on a very surprising up-note.  While the hops wash past, there is a scent that almost qualifies as sneaky.  I had to take several sips just to get an idea of what it reminded me of.  It reminds me of that cinnamon/pumpkin spice scent from when you’re baking christmas cookies/pies/etc.  It isn’t very distinguishable, but it’s present just enough to give you a nice warm feeling as you work through this beer.

As much as I love this beer, it worries me that this is a beer that could sneak up on you.  It’s so smooth and sweet that it’s hard to believe you’re drinking a beer that is almost 7% ABV.  From the starting-line, I’d say I’d be ready to drink three to four of these at a long event.  The problem with 7% ABV is that by number three or four…. the idea of drinks five and six might start to sound more appealing…

Regardless, this is a fantastic beer and I would highly recommend it for any craft beer drinker to try.  It’s also a great introduction to the complexities of flavor of a number of darker beers, without carrying all the weight of a darker beer.




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