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Craft beer: Spoetzel Brewery, White Wing

white wing

I haven’t had a beer like this in a good while.  Spoetzel Brewery in Shiner Texas has made a very interesting beer I’ve been wanting to try.  It’s a Belgian style white ale brewed with Coriander and orange peel, or so says the label.  I’ve really needed something different, especially considering all the IPAs I’ve sampled as of late.  I know I can’t blame the liquor store that much, but it does seem like an inordinate number of their beers are IPA’s.  Ah well…

This is a beautiful golden ale with a healthy bit of head on it from the pouring.  At 4.7% Abv it’s a pretty typical craft beer strength-wise.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find the 6-pack price when i was at the store, but at $1.99 the pick-a-pack price was on the inexpensive side.  If the 6-pack price is proportional, it is an absolute steal for the quality of the beer you are getting.  Go Texas!

Smelling it, you can definitely notice the Coriander over the smell of the wheat.  The orange peel is more subtle, but is there if you’re really looking for it.  I had to take several good sniffs to identify a peppery scent that was coming out of the glass.  It’s actually the hops, which slide up along side the coriander and wheat to liven up the experience of the beer’s aroma.

Tasting the beer, the orange peel makes its presence much more strongly known.  It reminds me of the wheat beers I’ve had at the bar that get served with a big slice of orange… except in this case you don’t need to pull out your paring knife and start chopping up the fruit.  Beyond the orange, the body of the beer has a crispness to it like fresh iceberg lettuce.  The beer isn’t very sweet, or very tart.  It is simple and has a smooth refreshing quality to it that makes it very drinkable.  I know I’ve used the iced tea metaphor before, but it really is one of the best ways to describe it.  It reminds me of the mellowness of iced tea being combined with the zest of a great glass of OJ in the morning.

Seeing this bottle, I really expected this beer to be heavy and thick, despite it being an ale.  I am so glad that I was mistaken.  It isn’t overly filling and is something I’d highly recommend for a cookout or other day-long event.  I doubt I could get tired of this beer quickly.


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