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Craft Beer: Red Brick Brewing Co., Hop Circle India Style Session Ale

hop circle

At some point my liquor store is going to run out of IPA’s, or in this case India-style Ale’s for me to sample.  I guess I shouldn’t really complain, I have found a number of truly fantastic beers.  I am hoping the selection starts to vary up a little the next time I head there though.

Hop Circle is a India Style Session Ale made by Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta, GA.  It’s 4.21% ABV, which is a touch lower than the content I’m used to in a craft beer.  It poured a light-amber/dark-gold color with almost no head to speak of.

The smell of the beer is almost the complete opposite of what I was expecting.  It has a very dark, rich, sweet smell like a dark brown ale, or even a stout.  It reminds me of the scent of cherry cordials with dark chocolate.

My first sip makes this one of the more perplexing beers I’ve ever had.  I have yet to drink a beer that smells so dark and sweet, but that still tastes exactly like a hoppy IPA.  It’s almost an unorthodox Salty-sweet contrast like chocolate covered pretzels.

I wish I could come up with a better description of the taste, but all that comes to mind is “hops hops hops”.  Maybe I could stretch and say it reminds me of tart green grapes, but without being overly sour?  That’s all I’ve really got at this point.

This is an interesting beer, and definitely one worth trying out simply for the experience.  I doubt I’d drink more than one or two at any given time though.  It’s also so hoppy, I’m not sure it’d be a great beginner-craft beer to start with.


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