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Craft Beer: Lakefront Brewery Inc., Wisconsinite Summer Weiss Beer

Wisconsonite summer weiss

Ahh the excitement of trying another not-IPA never gets old.  Being originally from Detroit, I have been hoping to come across another beer from south-east Michigan to improve my current opinion of craft beer from that region.  I have yet to find another strictly from Detroit,but this Wisconsinite Summer Weiss is from the Midwest and will have to help represent the reputation of the area until I start working through some beer from Bell’s Brewery.

The beer pours a nice light golden color.  It foamed up a little when I first popped the bottle, and for a second I worried I was going to have another glass chock-full of foam. Fortunately it wasn’t the case.  Surprisingly, the head on the beer dissipated a bit more quickly than I expected.  As the head settled, I noticed that the beer has a somewhat tart scent, which reminds me of lime or grapefruit.  As the head fizzed out the richness of the wheat took over and helped balance out the scent a bit.

My first impressions on the flavor are a bit grapefruity as well.  It’s a very light beer, that still manages to hold a lot of flavor, though on the lively-tart end of the spectrum.  The follow through does have some hints of wheat, but it has a mellow crispness that reminds me of biting into a very fresh slice of pear.

Overall this is an enjoyable beer, and Wisconsinites can be proud of making a brew of this caliber, especially because the entirety of the beer is sourced from within Wisconsin.  The flavor intensity of this beer seems to occupy a space between  your average mass-produced beer, and some of the richer craft beers out there.  This wouldn’t be bad really, except that it still carries the full-rich craft beer price of $10.50 at my local liquor store.  I might consider it a good craft beer to introduce new-comers too, if they’re used to your mass-market Coors/Bud/Miller.  I doubt I could get tired of this beer in the same way as most craft beers, I think after two or three I would want to move up to something a little richer to change things up through the night.


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