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Craft Beer: Natty Greene’s Brewing Company, Elm Street English Style IPA

Elm street

So apparently, the stock person who sets up the pick-a-pack shelf at our local liquor store really really likes IPAs.  I have another IPA for a review here, another craft beer local to North Carolina.  This one is brewed and bottled in Greensboro.  As you can see in the photo, it’s a dark gold-amber color with a healthy head on it.  I was able to find the six-pack price of this beer, at $9.99 just over the border in South Carolina.  The beer is 6.4% ABV, so a little bit above average in strength.  I also noticed the “seasonal” label at the top of the bottle, so it obviously won’t be available year round.

As I poured the beer, the aroma that was released had a healthy hoppy scent to it.  It has a brisk chill to it like a cool dewey morning.  The wheat has a strong presence as well, reminding me of toffee or carmel overtones.

The beer has a very smooth taste to it.  It doesn’t have the bite that some IPA’s have as a trademark flavor.  It seems to glide smoothly over your tongue with a slowly rising sweetness of the malt being the first flavor to experience.  It has a very very slight essence of pear or apple to the flavor.

After the initial flavoring, the wheaty-ness of the beer seems to billow out and flood your taste buds and nose with the essence of good rich beer, before being washed away with the thick molasses flavor of the malt.  It is a much richer flavoring than many IPA’s I have had before, yet it isn’t overpowering.  It reminds me of a high quality brown ale, but with a much stronger presence of hops.

As rich as this beer is, it doesn’t go down very heavy and is very drinkable.  It is a bit intense, so I don’t think I would want to drink it exclusively all night, but it’d be a great six-pack to share with one or two friends.  I would probably drink at least two or three of these before I’d want to trade off for something else.

Overall, this is another great example of an IPA for both new and returning India Pale Ale drinkers.  If you’re used to your standard american beer, this might be a bit rich for you, but if you appreciate any of the complexities of craft beer, this is a brew you don’t want to miss out on.


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