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Craft Beer: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Southseid Weiss

omb southend weiss

I am proud to announce that I am on the last beer from my latest pick-a-pack!  I can also proudly announce that after a string of IPA’s, I can finally review something a bit more wheaty and a bit closer to home.

Instead of an IPA, my last pick-a-pack beer is a wheat ale, OMB’s Southseid Weiss.  I am familiar with several of OMB’s beers from my trips out exploring in Charlotte and I have yet to be disappointed.  I am slightly embarrassed to say that I have not yet had the pleasure of exploring their brewery, but I will be rectifying this situation in the very near future.  I spent the last two years realizing how great the local brewing scene is in Tampa, FL, and I’m now beginning to appreciate how amazing it is here as well.

On to the review of the beer…  The  bottle offers some good detail into the quality of this beer, It claims to use unfiltered wheat ale and Bavarian hops.   It is a healthy 5.4% ABV.  The glass is a crisp golden color with a steady head on the top that is consistent, but isn’t going to give you a mouthful of foam.

The smell is very wheaty, it reminds me of freshly baked sourdough bread and a hint of coriander.  As amazing as it smells, the scents are a bit subdued compared to the IPA’s I have tried lately.  The scents are subtle, but crisp like a cool dewy spring morning.

The flavor of this beer is very bright.  It’s first impression is surprising and amazing at the same time.  It honestly reminds me of a refreshing iced tea you would have on a hot summer day.  The follow through is another tea analogy, and equally awesome.  As the beer finishes, it gives you a sweet flowery push that reminds me of rose-pedal tea you get at a Turkish restaurant or a hookah bar.  I know these are unconventional examples to use with a beer, and I want to stress that this is a very very enjoyable beer, and not at all an unconventional brew.  Overall this beer is very well balanced with flavor and a light weight that makes it incredibly drinkable.

As always, i say drink beer responsibly, but this beer is definitely one that can see me through an entire day/evening event and I wouldn’t get tired of it.  I would also say that if you’re one to host big football game parties or the like and want to put something a little bit more unique in your kegorator, this would be a prime choice.  It’s flavorful enough for the craft beer snobs, but not so heavy and rich that casual beer drinkers would have trouble with it.


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