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Craft Beer: Southern Tier, Farmer’s Tan Session India Pale Ale

farmers tan session ipa

As I perused the liquor store’s selection for my pick-a-pack, I must have been staring at the IPA shelf. A lot of the popular IPA’s tend to be very strongly flavored. While I do love their hoppy flavor, I have long been on a quest to find one that’s just a touch mellower than most. Well, mellow this beer is not… but a fantastic IPA? Most definitely.

I was very excited to try this beer after my last IPA experience. Farmer’s Tan IPA is brewed by Southern Tier Brewing Co. based out of Lakewood, NY. It advertises itself as “brewed with 2 varieties of hops and 2 types of malts”. As part of a pick-a-pack I bought the individual bottle for $1.99. This was slightly below average, and if that holds true for the 6-packs, it’d be an absolute bargain. The beer poured very neat and clean with no fuss (Thank you Southern Tier!). The head wore off a bit quickly, but the scent that was released reminded me of standing next to an energetic waterfall and the stout presence of hops.

On my first sip, I could certainly say that the stout scent of hops is understated compared to the actual TASTE of hops. The hops are boldly flavored and nearly makes my tongue tingle as the beer slides past. The hops is perfectly balanced with the wheat flavor of the beer. The follow through is on the short-side and only deviates from the flavors of malt and hops with just the slightest hint of lemongrass.

On several of my tastings, I have commented on the complexities of the flavors I have found while drinking. I can truly appreciate when an artisan brewer develops new flavors and creates a brand new experience for his customers. The other side of that coin is that I can still appreciate having a sense of the traditional. This beer is an IPA, and it’s character seems to say, “I’m an IPA, just an IPA, and you better be damn well ok with me being an IPA.” (spoken in the voice of a crotchety old farmer), and in that regards, it is a fantastic IPA. There are few bells and whistles to clutter things up and it stands strong with its simply amazing traditional flavor of malt with extra extra hops.

Come to think of it, the name “Farmer’s Tan” is very fitting for this IPA. This is a seasonal beer and feels perfect for a cool refreshment after a day out in the hot sun. The hops give it a tartness that isn’t quite citrus-y, which makes sure you completely avoid that sensation of drinking “one of those heavy craft beers”.

For an IPA I could maintain through this for quite a while. I could work through a 6-pack (over multiple days) and not get tired of such an honest refreshing flavor.


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