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A Night in Charlotte: World of Beer

You know, I’m not normally a fan of chain restaurants, bars or clubs.  I’ve worked at my fair share of them growing up and through college, and I’m willing to be a customer at one when the group decides where they want to go.  I guess I believe that if you want to get the flavor of a city and truly understand it, you don’t go to a place that exists in every other city you’ve come across.  Frankly, I don’t expect a tremendous cultural difference between an Applebee’s in Tampa or Providence.

On a similar note, I was expecting to keep this blog focused on the smaller venues that embrace the culture and atmosphere of Charlotte.  I just didn’t see the point in telling everybody about a venue here in Charlotte that you can find just about anywhere else in the country.

My recent experiences at World of Beer have given me some great reasons to make an exception to this policy.   I’m very glad to have found WoB in Southend because I’ve been looking for a place like this since I’ve moved to Charlotte and it took me nearly four months to find it.  After my little excursion to All American Pub a little while back, we decided to finish the night off at World of Beer in Southend Charlotte.  From AAP it’s just a hop over the light-rail tracks and on the corner of the next block.  It was a short walk and it was nice to be out in the cool southern night for a few minutes to refresh before the night wound down.

WoB had a very chill atmosphere.  It was definitely a smaller crowd for a weekend night, but the live music performer was keeping the music very relaxing as he played an acoustic guitar.  The crowd was definitely more chill than AAP, but that’s nice when you want to actually hear each other and have a good conversation.

WoB being a chain, I would hope I don’t have to elaborate on what they offer as a bar.  One thing I was thrilled about is that they had one of my favorite beers from California, which I had first found in Florida:  Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat.  It’s one of the few flavored beers I like, because it tastes more like a real-fruit infusion as opposed to the candy-flavors that a lot of other fruity-beers have.  It has a very tropical feel, but I think it blends well with a chill atmosphere like WoB and the laid-back southern city-life mentality in this area.

If  you’re looking for a place where you can hear all of your friends where you can chill out as opposed to party-out, I definitely recommend World of Beer here.  It captures a laid-back facet of night-life I haven’t gotten to enjoy since I was in Florida, and I will definitely be back there to enjoy it again.





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